Welcome to the neighbourhoodTHE CULTURE

Beer culture isn't just about the brewers. It's everyone who contributes to the community, from the farmers and maltsters to the retailers and bars. And everyone who chooses to drink Alberta beer. There's an honest-to-goodness support and camaraderie everywhere you look. Teamwork really does make the dream work.

Here's to the producers

Exacting standards and a commitment to creating the best ingredients possible. If it weren’t for our farmers, maltsters, and other producers, Alberta beer wouldn't have the reputation it does.

Here's to the sellers

The retailers, bars, and restaurants choosing to sell Alberta beer. The chefs and bartenders who are experimenting with beer recipes. There's a genuine enthusiasm and real devotion to promoting local products.

Here's to the consumers

And then there's you. There wouldn't be a culture without you. People who are dedicated to supporting local. People who are passionate about great beer and always interested in trying different things. You're why the Alberta craft beer industry has thrived.