Strengthen your skills in malting, learn best practices in sustainability, and get a refresher on brewing fundamentals. Join us in Calgary, Alberta, this October and see all your colleagues in one of the fastest-growing beer capitals of the world. 


Keynote—Unlocking Employee Potential in Today’s Breweries

Jeff Butler will dive into the different mindsets of Gen Xers, millennials, and everyone in between. Drawing from years of experience, he provides companies with actionable strategies so they can use employee diversity to their advantage. He helps bridge generational gaps in the workplace, so hiring managers can learn how to bring the best talent to the best breweries. Learn more during his keynote!


Closing Speaker—Barley and Beer: A New Beginning?

Why the sudden the decline in beer sales? A startlingly clear message that will open minds and invite more consumers into beer beckons us all forward. Will you heed the call? Keith Armstrong, R&D at Molson Coors, digs deep to bring his love of beer to the everyday consumer. His message? We should respect our barley and our beer! Listen to him, live, during the closing session.


If you’re serious about all aspects of brewing better beer, you won’t want to miss out on this event. Get hands-on training and attend technical sessions, connect with suppliers and exhibitors who provide brewing solutions, share your experiences with brewers from across the globe, and take your brew to the next level.


This year will cover:

  • Brewery Safety
  • Hot Side Operations
  • Fermentation
  • Flavor Identification
  • Nutrition Labeling
  • Traceability
  • And more! 


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