The economic impact of COVID-19 is unprecedented. But Alberta brewers are working hard to keep their business moving, and many are supporting their communities through direct delivery and even joining the effort to supply essential materials in the fight against the pandemic. 

The Alberta Small Brewers Association is proud to represent them, and we are working with all levels of government to support our brewers and partners through this crisis. 

To provide further assistance, we are announcing today that we are waiving annual membership dues this year (from April 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021). Our objective is to provide our members with more flexibility and to enable new members and industry associates to experience our community. 

This is a defining moment for our industry, and we need Alberta brewers and our partners to come together to get our industry back on track. 

ASBA is launching a variety of initiatives this year to support our industry. These include: 

Unveiling our member portal to connect our brewers and partners across Alberta with additional resources. 

Placing a significant emphasis on industry data and analysis. The results of our recent industry survey will be circulated to participants and uploaded to our portal, along with other industry insights. 

Leveraging the strength of our members to negotiate group discounts on everything from payment processing, health and wellness benefits, and more. We will unveil each benefit soon.

These new benefits would not be possible without the members who took the time to participate in our town halls and industry study. I am confident that these actions will support a united industry - which is needed now more than ever. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be testing our new portal and bringing members on board. New members and industry associates will be asked to apply to join ASBA through the portal.  

Thank you to all those that support Alberta beer during this time. 



Mike McNeil

Executive Director, Alberta Small Brewers Association

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