I am thrilled that Northlands and the Alberta Small Brewers Association have partnered to exclusively serve local craft beer this year at K-Days. The Government of Alberta is proud to support the association to establish our province’s fast-growing craft brewing industry as a must-visit experience. As a summertime staple for Edmontonians and visitors alike, K-Days is an outstanding venue to experience and enjoy Alberta’s amazing craft beers. We’re excited for people to see, learn and taste what our brews are made of.Ricardo Miranda
Minister of Culture and Tourism


For the first time ever, Alberta Breweries will be served exclusively at K-Days in Edmonton. This year’s event will feature 27 breweries over 6 locations on the K-Days grounds. In total there will be 55 different beers available for purchase.

Find Alberta Breweries at K-Days

K Days Craft Beer Map 2018 1 v2




2 = RIBFEST - July 20-24


2 = RIBFEST - July 25-29




4 = HALL G - July 20-24


4 = HALL G - July 25-29


5 = HALL E


6 = HALL D - Rodeo - July 20-22




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