I’ve had requests from local brewers to walk them through a good procedure for hygienic beer deliveries. 

People need to know that the product that lands on their doorsteps is 100% clean on arrival. Follow this procedure and it should prevent transmission between packaging staff, delivery staff and customers:

1. Prepare all deliveries ahead of time in plastic bags at the facility using the following procedure: 

a. Clean hands carefully using soap and water, according to public health instructions, but wash all the way up to elbows.

b. Spray hands and arms copiously with 70% isopropanol and rub as if washing hands (between fingers, ends of fingers, all the way up to elbows) until the alcohol dries - at least 30s.

c. Spray product copiously, leave at least 30s, then continue spraying it while turning it in place by hand to cover all angles.

d. Load into bags and zip-tie to seal.

e. Spray exterior of bag copiously.

2. Load deliveries into the truck after repeating 1a. If anything other than clean product bags is touched, repeat 1a.

3. Place spray bottles containing 70% isopropanol near the product to be delivered.

4. Exit vehicle and go around to the product portion.

5. Before picking up bags, spray bags copiously and then follow the hand cleaning procedure in 1a

6. Carry product to the door and leave it at the doorstep - no hand-hand contact with customers. Do not touch anything other than the bags (even the vehicle door) from step 5 onward. 

Euan Thomson is the founder of Raft Beer Labs. Euan ran the quality and research departments at Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. He later led the distilling, malting and soda programs as well. His new firm helps brewers with their quality analysis and research. He can be reached at euan@raftbeerlabs.ca and @raftbeerlabs.

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