Calgary, Alberta – May 4th, 2020 – Today the Alberta Small Brewers Association released the results of a recent national survey, which illustrates the impact of COVID-19 on Alberta brewers. The results of the survey show that Alberta brewers have significantly wounded by the global pandemic and the economic toll of collapsing oil prices.

Over 73% of Alberta’s craft beer workforce has been cut—a result that will hurt communities and local economies across the province. According to ASBA’s annual industry survey, on average, 41% of a small brewer’s revenue is earned through their taproom. Consequently, the forced closure of taprooms due to public health restrictions has had major consequences including more than half of Alberta’s craft brewers reporting a minimum 50% revenue drop in March 2020. To stay operational during the closures, brewers have quickly adapted by moving towards direct delivery and some have even started producing hand sanitizer to help their communities. However, despite these changes, more than half of respondents said they could only survive 2­–3 months under the current parameters.

In response to the challenges faced by Alberta brewers, the Government of Alberta can provide immediate help by including taprooms in stage one of their reopening plan. Albertans can support Alberta brewers by purchasing local beer in local retailers or ordering directly from the brewery. 

“Alberta brewers hire locally, drive investment, and help diversify Alberta’s economy,” said ASBA Executive Director, Mike McNeil. “We look forward to playing a role in Alberta’s economic recovery, but we need support now so that we can help get Albertans back to work.”   

About the Alberta Small Brewers Association

Founded in 2013, the Alberta Small Brewers Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting local and independent beer production. ASBA represents over 90 brewers across Alberta. In response to COVID-19, ASBA has waived membership dues until March 2021. 

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