Alberta barley has a reputation for being among the best in the world. In fact, only 20% meets the strict standards needed to maintain our reputation. Brewers from around the globe source their barley here. And some are taking their dedication a step further. Like the partnership between California-based Lagunitas, Rahr Malting, and Chinook Arch Growers. Chinook Arch Growers is a group of 15 farmers who grow around 95 percent of the barley Lagunitas uses every year.

And, of course, Alberta brewers have always known that having their most important ingredient growing in their own backyards is a huge advantage.


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Climate and air

Long, warm days and cool evenings make up the growing season, and give us naturally healthier barley with a cleaner flavour.


Medium-textured soils like clay-loam hold moisture really well. And because we usually get just the right amount of rain, farmers can grow barley without relying on stored moisture. That all adds up to ideal soil conditions.

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The rivers and lakes that run through the province aren’t just beautiful. The hard water has a mineral content that gives our ales a fuller, more flavourful taste.

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